2023 Memorial Bonspiel: Let’s Go Cruising

Teams and Draw Times

The full team list and schedule of play can be found HERE.

Ship Rules

The 2023 Memorial Bonspiel is a 24 team, six division, pointspiel. Opening draws are round robin, intra-divisional play. Teams that win their pools will advance to the Championship Events and will be seeded based on total points. Teams that finish second and third in their pools will advance to the Consolation Events and also will be seeded based on total points – except the highest two scoring second place teams will advance to the Championship Third Event. For seeding purposes, total point ties will be broken by: 1. H2H result, 2. Wins, 3. Ends, 4. Rocks, 5. Your skillshot distance (DSC).

All games are 8 ends. All Thursday, Friday, and Saturday games are scored only through six ends for total rocks and ends (so you can quit after 6 if score dictates). Bell rule is also in effect (so please play fast). At 1:40, you may finish current end and play one more. Points for round robin play:

  • 30 points for a win
  • 15 points for a tie (ties not broken)
  • 4 points for each end
  • 1 point for each rock

You must have three people on a team to start a game. Late arrivals may join the game only after the completion of an end. If three members of a team are not ready to start at the scheduled time, the team will be penalized 1 point and the loss of an end, repeating every 10 minutes thereafter and loss of the hammer to start the game. Sunday games are eight ends with ties broken by playing a full additional end.

Life Jacket

Did your rock fall overboard (get hogged)??? Throw on a life jacket to help you float back to shore! Instead of the hog hat, this year any cruiser who hogs a rock will be required to wear a life jacket until the next person hogs a stone. Stay safe out there!

Specialty Dining

Thu – 5PM – Pizza, & wings
Fri – 5PM – Soup cook off, appetizers & desserts
Sat – 7AM – Light Breakfast
11:45AM – Potato Boats
5PM – International Dinner
Sun – 9AM – Light Breakfast
12:00PM – Debarkation Leftovers Lunch

The Memorial

Fred M. Hauserman was a Charter Member of the Mayfield Curling Club when it was founded in 1962. In the early seventies, Fred was killed in an accident on the autobahn while on business. He was the first of the Charter Members to pass away. In recognition of his support, the curlers established the Fred M. Hauserman Trophy to memorialize him and the final bonspiel of the season. Several years later, the bonspiel was renamed The Memorial to honor all curlers that had crossed the divide.

The Memorial Bonspiel embraces good fellowship and good curling. Our predecessors would not have it any other way. This year, raise a toast to our members and former members that we have lost during the past year.

Lynn Young
Tom Dudley

All Hands On Deck

We hope you have an enjoyable cruise. Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2023 Memorial a success. We could not have run this ship without you.

The Steering Committee (those who kept the ship from sailing off course) Jen, Sue and Mitch, Jeremy, Byron; The Ice Crew:  David and David, Hillary, Rachel, Peter and all the volunteers who maintained the ice both this weekend and all season; The Onboard Bar Staff:  Dale, Kenneth, Doug, Alex, and all the volunteer bartenders; Jil and Heather, Captains of Potato Boats; Chef Chris Hicks and her team of sous chefs; Special Guests Thurston III and Lovey for Sunday morning, pre-game meal, Raffle Steward, Colleen Symansky, and all cruisers for their generous donations; Chief of Marketing, Jeremy; Drawmaster Byron; Chief Technical Officer James; Chief Photographer, Mike Khusid; Onboard Entertainment, Ryan MacRaild; Friday Night Cooks (without whom there would be no soup for you), and all the cruisers who stepped in and helped keep the ship running. 

 Your trip is over…enjoy the off season!  Sincerely, the 2023 Memorial Committee 

Captain Barb, First Mate David, Cruise Director Jane 

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