New Curler Clinic

Our New Curler Clinic experience is a three-session instructional course to get you ready for playing in your first curling game. Learn the basics of delivery, sweeping, and strategy.

Were you inspired by the Olympics or have you always been curious about curling? Now is your chance to learn how to curl! Join us at our Winter 2021 New Curler Clinic!

The clinics will be held over three weekends and participants will sign up for either the Saturday or Sunday sessions:

Saturday Sessions – February 6, February 13, and February 20 @ 2:30 – 4:30 PM
Sunday Sessions – February 7, February 14, and February 21 @ 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

One registration covers attendance for all three weekends. Although signups are for either Saturday or Sunday, we will try to accommodate change requests (for example, for one weekend swapping a Saturday for a Sunday) as space allows.

Note: New Curler Clinics are for new curlers age 14+. For more information about our Juniors program please contact us at

For additional information about curling at Mayfield, please contact us at

New Curler Clinic

Saturday Sessions – February 6, February 13, and February 20 @ 2:30 PM

Sunday Sessions – February 7, February 14, and February 21 @ 10:30 AM

Attire and Equipment
Please bring (DO NOT WEAR) a pair of clean tennis or athletic shoes separate from the shoes that you wear outside. This is to avoid tracking anything on the ice. Curling attire should be comfortable and practical for the sport. Suggested attire includes pants you are comfortable performing a lunge in and turtlenecks, fleeces, vests, jackets, hats, and gloves. We suggest that you dress in layers so that you can remove one or more layers as you warm up. The temperature on the ice is usually around 40 degrees.

Club step-on sliders, brooms, and stabilizers are available for use.


A fantastic introduction to the sport’s fundamentals that emphasized competency with the motions required to throw and sweep properly, lessons in curling-specific terminology, stretching techniques, safety tips, and the all-important etiquette and good sportsmanship. Small teams enable participants to receive extra advice tailored to their particular needs. By the end of the course I felt I knew some of the coaches and participants not just as players but as fine people as well. Thanks for the fun experience!
Greg S.

The New Curler Clinic was the best way to jumpstart my interest in curling. The staff did an excellent job of teaching the fundamentals of the game with hands-on instruction, valuable teaching moments, and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I would not have picked up the game as quickly as I did if it weren’t for the new curler clinic.
Vince S.

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