Member League Play

MCC offers daytime and evening play for members, with draw (game) times prearranged and teams and opponents scheduled. Become a member and register for draws to guarantee your spot on teams!

From Women’s, Men’s, Mixed (Co-Ed), Open, Juniors, and adult teams, there is something for everyone!

Daytime10:30 AM
New Curler Clinic /
Open Curling /
Try Curling
9:15 AM Women4 PM Open10 AM Open
Evening1 PM Triples
3:15 PM Mixed
5:45 PM Mixed Doubles
6/8:30 PM
Open Competitive
(Sign-Up as a team.)
7 PM Women6/8:30 PM Men4 PM Mixed
6/8:30 PM Mixed
6 PM Mixed
8:15 PM Mixed
12:30 PM Juniors
2:30 PM
New Curler Clinic /
Group and Corporate Outings /
Try Curling
EventEvent DatesRegistration Dates
FirstOctober 15 – November 24September 22 – October 6
SecondNovember 29 – February 10November 7 – November 21
ThirdFebruary 14 – April 6January 23 – February 6

To receive additional information about becoming a member, please fill out the Information Request Form.

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