The Mayfield Curling Club (MCC) has a rich tradition…

that began in 1962 when Nels Nelson, the founder, and his wife Lil came over from the Cleveland Skating Club to start a new club in town on the campus of the Mayfield Country Club.

Since that time, MCC members enjoyed almost 57 years of fabulous curling, lifelong friendships, fun, and fellowship with curlers from across the USA and Canada and around the world at that location. The quaint, tradition-rich curling lodge housed three sheets of dedicated ice and was the single curling-only facility in Northeast Ohio.

Early in 2019, MCC was informed that Mayfield Sand Ridge Country Club was ending its relationship with MCC and would conclude their arrangement at the end of the 2019-20 season. After much gut-wrenching hard work and deliberations, MCC chose to relocate in Warrensville Heights with over 18,000 square feet of four sheets of ice.

As MCC launches the season in the new facility, as a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization, members are looking forward to opening the doors to new opportunities as well as continuing the traditions the members cherish.

Following a meeting at the Hermit Club in the summer of 1962, $4,500 was pledged to make a down payment on a portable, second-hand ice making machine. The balance was paid for by five anonymous members. Land was granted by Mayfield Country Club and additional funds were raised for construction of an outside rink with a warming room.

Unavoidable delays in installation and an extremely cold and snowy winter in 1962-1963 made the curlers realize that a roof was needed! More money was raised and a steel building was erected around the rink.

The warm room was added in 1964, paid for by one member! Furniture was donated, and the women decorated the new club.

Branding Mayfield Curling Club

A pin was designed in 1964 that was compatible with the Country Club logo, and Nels Nelson began introducing the members to the joy of Bonspieling!

Mayfield hosted their first Women’s Friendly with the Cleveland Skating Club in January of 1964, and the first Mixed with the Skating Club in February of that same year… a tradition that has continued!

In 1966 Mayfield and the Skating Club hosted 5 teams from the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, organized by Nels Nelson and Carl Withers.

The first New Year’s Eve Party was in 1967-68…another tradition that has continued! Complete with Evergreen Trees lining the sides of the rink…that dropped needles on the ice! The Evergreen tradition has continued with the Mixed Bonspiel and has become more creative ever since!

Over the years, other major bonspiels have added to the fun.

Perhaps the most popular is the Memorial Bonspiel. This event was originally called the Hauserman, to honor Fred Hauserman, a charter member of the Mayfield Curling Club, who was killed in an accident on the autobahn in the early ‘70s. Later the Memorial was extended to honor all of our curlers who have passed away. This end-of-the-season bash brings everyone together for a weekend of fun and competitions centered around a sometimes silly theme.

The Men’s Bonspiel began in 1988, thanks to Brian Bammel who was the driving force behind it for many years. The bonspiel became known as the Chris Moore Memorial Bonspiel in 2009.This highly popular international event celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012.

Founded in 2007, the women’s bonspiel started as a one-day event. In 2019, the event was expanded to two days. This, too, has become a great tradition with clubs coming from several states and Canada.

Mayfield Curling Club Members in the Curling Community

Mayfield Curling Club is proud to claim several VIPs in the curling world.

  • Bob Whitehead, Treasurer of World Curling Federation, President of the United States Curling Association
  • William Forsythe III, Assistant Head Official at the Nagano, Japan and Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Olympics; Head Official (Level 4) at 2002 World Championships (Bismarck, North Dakota, USA)
  • Jeanne Farner, and Jeannie Borland, Presidents of the United States Women’s Curling Association
  • Louinia Mae Whittlesey and Bob and June McInnes, officials at Nationals & Worlds competitions and Salt Lake City Olympics
  • Chris Moore, President of the United States Curling Association
  • Courtney Schmidt, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, USA Curling

Mayfield Curling Club has been honored to host the Women’s Scots tour to the USA four times, and the Men’s Scots tour three times, complete with a Robert Burns dinner. In addition, seven Mayfield members were selected to be part of the USA delegations to Scotland. Selected Mayfield women have traveled to Canada every six years since 1990 to participate in the USWCA Friendship Tour.

William R. Carlson Award

The top honor at Mayfield Curling Club is the William R. Carlson Award, which was established in 2004. This yearly award recognizes the member, or members, whose volunteer efforts made the greatest contribution to the success of curling that season.

2020Sue Frankel
2019Dan Schmidt
2018Ashley Lowry
2017Brenda and Bob Kunkel
2016Dave Salem, Dave Bader, Frank Milling
2015Tracie Moore
2014Joel Appel
2013Byron Sah
2012Mindy Kosmin
2011Gerry & Susan Tortorelli
2010Bob Bellamy
2009Leslie Cooke
2008Louinia Mae Whittlesey
2007Roger Peckinpaugh
2006Ned Miller
2005Henry Chisholm
2004Brian Bammel

In recognition of Henry Chisholm’s years of outstanding ice house maintenance, the warm room was renamed the Chisholm Lodge in 2009.

Growing into our new home

Mayfield membership has grown over the years, particularly since curling became an Olympic sport. The ice is used 7 days a week for Mixed, Women’s, Men’s, and Juniors’ curling, continuing to be a Family activity for generations.

Although we were nostalgic about leaving our founding location, we have found many new opportunities in our location in Warrensville Heights as we “Honor the Past and Embrace the Future.”

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you into our four-sheet, state-of-the-art dedicated curling facility. Good Curling!

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