Evergreen Mixed Bonspiel

53rd Annual Mixed Bonspiel

February 23 – 26, 2023

$550 per team / 3 game minimum

Includes dinner Thursday, lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday, and lunch Sunday.

For questions or additional information contact: Sue Frankel – suesf7@gmail.com

2022 A Event Winner

Team DeJonge

2022 B Event Winner

Team Waters

2022 C Event Winner

Team Mercer

2022 D Event Winner

Team Borland

Steeped in tradition, the Evergreen Mixed Bonspiel is one of the premier mixed spiels in the country.

The first Evergreen was held in 1970 on the campus of Mayfield Country Club, and the tradition continued through 2020. Due to relocation of the curling club, the next Evergreen will be held at the new state-of-the-art venue in Warrensville Heights.

Traditionally, the Evergreen has been a four-day event that hosts curlers from the US and Canada with the social aspect being a significant part of the event with dinners, costume parties, and dancing. Teams included 4 MCC Teams and the remaining 16 teams from across North America. Mayfield teams include the previous bonspiel chairs, the winner of the A and B bracket curldowns, and the MCC member at the top of the Ladder (our internal waiting list).

Each team participating is honored by a 4’ x 4’ customized plaque with their emblem that was displayed in the lodge. The plan is to include these plaques in the new facility.

Previous Bonspiel Winners:

YearClubTeam Members
2022Plainfield CCJohn DeJong, Karen DeJong, Bob Howell, Rachel Howell
2020Burlington C.C.Rob Depodesta, Rebecca Pipes, Dave Nicol, Kristine Gordon
2019KW Granite ClubJohn Gabel, Ashley Falconer, Jason Beierling, Amanda Wilkinson
2018Burlington C.C.Rob Depodesta, Rebecca Pipes, Dave Nicol, Kristine Gordon
2017Mayfield C.C.Chris Goldsmith, Hilary Peterson, Dale Barstow, Lynn Shaw
2016Mayfield C.C.Doug Dedolph, Rachel Howell, Bob Howell, Rita Dedolph
2015Mayfield C.C.Doug Dedolph, Jane Van Vliet, Pierre Lavertu, Rita Dedolph
2014KW Granite ClubDave Kaun, Amanda Zufich, Jason Beierling, Ashley Falconer
2013Mayfield C.C.Bill & Beth Forsythe, Andrew Riehl, Cindy Hope
2012KW Granite ClubDave Kaun, Amanda Zufich, Jason Beierling, Ashley Falconer
2011Mayfield C.C.Doug Dedolph, Jane Van Vliet, Jim Tschudy, Rita Dedolph
2010Mayfield C.C.Mike Moore, Tracie Moore, Roger & Martha Peckinpaugh
2009Mayfield C.C.Robb & Jeannie Borland, Byron & Jil Sah
2008St. Catharines C.C.Mike Rode, Lori Picheniuk, Brian Toth, Rina Rode
2007Mayfield CCChris & Tracie Moore, Dianne & Mark Coolidge
2006St. Catharines C.C.Brian Toth, Lori Picheniuk, Caulin & Karen Boone
2005Mayfield C.C.Robb & Jeannie Borland, Cathy & Chris Furlong
2004St. Catharines C.C.Brian Toth, Lori Picheniuk, Caulin & Karen Boone
2003North Shore C.C.Jay Wilson, Kristen Smith, Richard & Dianne Crotty
2002Bowling Green C.C.Ron & Sharon Gargasz, Scott Gargasz, Lorene Hall
2001Mayfield C.C.Chris & Tracie Moore, Roger Peckinpaugh, Dee Montgomery
2000Toronto Granite C.C.Ron Till, Judy & Brian Kishbaugh, Beth Forsythe
1999Toronto Granite C.C.Neil Collinge, Karen & Ross Abbott, Cathy Furlong
1998Exmoor C.C.Ron & Jessica Tesarik, Georgia & Henry West
1997Mayfield C.C.Brian & Pat Bammel, Tom & Leslie Cooke
1996Toronto Cricket C.C.John & Laurie Hamilton, Mike & Janice Pengelly
1995Bowling Green C.C.Ron & Sharon Gargasz, Dave & Kathy Kannanen
1994Toronto Cricket C.C.John & Laurie Hamilton, Mike & Janice Pengelly
1993Toronto Cricket C.C.John & Laurie Hamilton, Mike & Janice Pengelly
1992Mayfield C.C.L.T. & Lynn Young, Bob & Brenda Kunkel
1991Mayfield C.C.Wayne & Marla Knabel, Chris & Tracie Moore
1990Bowling Green C.C.Ron & Sharon Gargasz, Carl & Lorene Hall
1989Thornhill C.C.Gordon & Joyce Hayes, Mike & Ann Matthews
1988Royal Canadian C.C.John & Nancy Casserly, Pat Robinson, K Beveridge
1987Niagara Falls C.C.Bob Sorley, Jean Pay, Jim Pay, Gloria Sorley
1986Thornhill C.C.Gordon & Joyce Hayes, Glen & Rae Hamilton
1985Mayfield C.C.Bruce Long, Betty Rampe, Mark & Dianne Coolidge
1984North Shore C.C.John & Reene Gallagher, Wally & Jeannette Kaehler
1983Mayfield C.C.Bruce & Flo Long, Rick & June Nosan
1982Sunparlour C.C.Tom & Madeline Naeyaert, Ken & Irma Adamson
1981Hershey C.C.Mel & Celia Jacobs, Tom & Jean Brooke
1980Hershey C.C.Mel & Celia Jacobs, Tom & Jean Brooke
1979Indian Hill C.C.Jim & Muriel Cohra, Bill & Skipper Moore
1978Oakpark C.C.Ken & Barbara Rice, Steve & Beth Ther
1977Highland C.C.Murray & Ann Kelly, Dyson & Ruth Hague
1976R&A Ottawa C.C.Al & Marilyn Kilpatrick, Gord & Rhona MacLennam
1975Buffalo C.C.Pat & Barbara Callahan, Bill & Emily Frankenstein
1974Mayfield C.C.Art & Verna Graham, Bob & Peg Young
1973Mayfield C.C.Jack & Jeanne Farner, Bob & June McInnes
1972Mayfield C.C.Jack & Jeanne Farner, Bob Young, June McInnes
1971Cleveland Skating ClubPete & Ginny Young, John & Carol Sells
1970Elcona C.C.Glen & Erma McCreary, George & Betty Bloom

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