Women’s Bonspiel

15th Annual Women’s 2-Day Bonspiel
December 10 – 11, 2022

$400 per team/ 3-6 end game guarantee

Guaranteed a great time!
Registration Deadline November 30th
For questions or additional information contact:
Who will be crowned Snow Queen of the ice?

Hotel Information: Homewood Suites by Hilton Cleveland-Beachwood


2021 A Event Winner

Team Howell

2021 B Event Winner

Team Mercer

2021 C Event Winner

Team Benson

2021 D Event Winner

Team Festersen

One day expanded to full weekend…

Founded in 2007, the women’s bonspiel started as a one-day event. In 2019 the event was expanded to two days and hosted teams from the US and Canada. It is a weekend of fun, food and curling. There are prizes for winners and entertainment for all.

Previous Bonspiel Winners:

Year/Theme1st Event2nd Event3rd Event4th Event
2021-22 Holiday HopMayfield Curling Club
Rachel Howell, Jen Murphy, Jil Sah, Julia Salvatora
Cleveland Skating Club
Kathy Mercer, Carole Negus, Erin Wagner, Audrey Lynn
Detroit Curling Club
Julie Benson, Marta Bauer, Karina Ansok, Kristine Rathke
Mayfield Curling Club
Else Festersen, Deb Horn, Sue Frankel, Cheryl Drake
2019-20 EndgameMayfield Curling Club
Hilary Peterson, Leslie Cooke, Carol Stevenson (KMCC), Julia Sullivan
Mayfield Curling Club
Donna Schrieber, Barb Bader, Tracy Hawthorne, Claire Visconti
Mayfield Curling Club
Deb Horn, Rachel Howell, Jen Murphy, Laurel Cox
Year/ThemeOne Day Bonspiel Winners
2018-19 Cat’s MeowColumbus Curling Club
Shelley Miller, Nicole Reeves, Leeanne Chandler, Traci Davison
2017-18 Go for the GoldCleveland Skating Club
Bonnie Sharp, Carole Negus, Peggy Savani, Audrey Lynn
2016-17 A Cheesy BonspielMayfield Curling Club
Deb Horn, Else Festersen, Julia DiBaggio, Courtney Schmidt
2015-16 Back to the FutureColumbus Curling Club
Shelley Miller, Lisa Kluchurosky, Leeanne Chandler, Mary Kay Rohrkemper
2014-15 Women who RockCleveland Skating Club
Katy Mercer, Carole Negus, Sarah Huff, Peggy Savani
2013-14 Rock to SochiMayfield Curling Club
Jane van Vliet, Eloise Young, Rita Dedolph, Chris Hicks
2012-13 Purple PassionCleveland Skating Club
Katy Mercer Rink
2011-12 Vanilla Chocolate SinInternational Team
Ann Hull, Sherry Paling, Rosemary Birka, Linda Peterson
2010-11 Blue BridesmaidsMayfield Curling Club
Else Festersen, Laurel Cox, Kristen Roenigk, Julia DiBaggio
2009-10 Go Green (AM)Mayfield Curling Club
Tracie Moore, Mary Jane Maisonville, Jil Sah, Liz Novak
2009-10 Go Green (PM)Cleveland Skating Club
Katy Mercer, Peggy Savani, Julia Sullivan, Elaine Stevens
2008-09 Think PinkMayfield Curling Club
Dee Montgomery, Paula Forsythe, Kathy Collins, Jil Sah
2007-08 Lavender and LaceMayfield Curling Club
Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Diane Coolidge, Liz Novak

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