The Evergreen
Mixed Bonspiel
1970 to now
A Mayfield Curling Tradition

The Mayfield Curling Club held its first Evergreen Mixed Bonspiel in 1970. It has been held every year since then and continues to be one of the premier Mixed Spiels in the US. See past winners.

As with most activities at MCC, the social aspect is a major part of the Evergreen. The four-day spiel finds the participants at an opening dinner served at the Curling Lodge. Friday is the house party (costumes optional). Recent themes have included Dynamic Duos, Wild Wild West, The Roaring 20’s, A Toast to the Evergreen, and Cleveland rocks. This year’s theme is The Art of the Draw.

Saturday evening finds all the participants at a formal dress dinner dance at the Mayfield Country Club Main Clubhouse. Finally, on Sunday, the piper brings the finalists onto the ice for the finals in three events.

With 20 teams taking part there are 80 curlers in the event. With Mayfield’s participation limited to 4 teams, the remaining teams come from all over the North American curling world: both Canadian and American teams take part.

Once a team participates in the Spiel, its emblem is painted on a 4' x 4' plaque and exhibited in the lodge along the sides of the ice. Over 40 plaques now grace Mayfield’s ice house.

Mayfield’s participant teams must qualify for a spot in the spiel by either winning one of two preparatory spiels or being chosen from the top of the "ladder" or waiting list. The previous year’s chairperson has a spot in the spiel. Everyone should experience the Evergreen once in their curling life.

2015 Evergreen Results
2014 Evergreen Results


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